NIAR Cad Cam Center

Course Description


Fitting Simulation & Kinematics
2 Credit Hours
50 hour course
Workbenches: DMU Fitting Simulation, DMU Kinematics

Description: This course covers how to put assemblies into motion. It covers how to produce a fitting simulation, which shows how an assembly is taken apart and/or put together, with analysis. It also covers how to produce a kinematic simulation of a mechanism, which shows how a mechanism operates, with analysis. Students will learn how to integrate fitting simulation and kinematic tools together to produce an overall simulation which can be made into a replay or an external video file.

Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to create and modify tracks and actions; create and modify sequences; create joints; create simulations with and without laws; create replays or external video files; use the pathfinder and perform analysis during simulations.